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March 23, 2010


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Great Article. The free/paid model seems to be a good way to generate initial traffic and downloads. SmartVolume is very useful for normalizing volumes for different songs. Great app that solves the problem of constantly adjusting the volume of your iphone or android when switching songs. Another useful website and app to pay attention to is AppsBidder.com. With this website and mobile App, users can connect with Application developers to create their own App. Users can also bid for exclusive ownership rights for Apps posted by developers. In addition, you can download free and paid apps from your mobile phone or computer. Check it out: AppsBidder.com.

Bob Kerns

Kono -- thank you for your kind words.

Unfortunately, our app can't exactly do what you describe. It does allow you to more easily switch volume for different contexts, but it doesn't automate adjusting volume between songs. I don't believe it's possible for an app in our position to do so -- but an alternate media player that adjusts volume should be possible.

So it appears you're actually comment-spamming me here, and normally I'd just drop your comment. However -- I like the idea you describe for AppsBidder.com, and you obviously went to a lot more trouble than the typical comment-spammer to be relevant and polite.

So I guess in this case, I'll be a willing comment-spamee! :=)

Your links appear to be broken in the version of the comment I approved; I'll try to fix them.

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